For me, an early mid-life crisis struck when I visited the beautiful Orkney Islands on my honeymoon back in 2008.  Two years later, my husband and I had sold our house in the Midlands, packed in well paid jobs and moved to the main island.  We moved to a dilapidated cottage with 2 acres of land and started to carry out renovation works and manage the land.  The change in lifestyle allowed me to explore the art of silversmithing, something that I had been learning back in the Midlands.

The islands are filled with a wide and varied history from stone age and neolithic settlements to the Viking invaders.  It feels like everyone here has some archaeology in their backyard!  The natural environment is breathtaking.  The many beaches are filled only with white sand.  Seals, owls, otters, puffins are among the many visitors to the islands.  As time goes by, I’m sure these islands will deeply influence my work.


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